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bump starting a blogger

by Marc on July 11, 2011

if you’re peeved at my lack of progress – well, i’m furious with myself.

It is not easy to keep up the momentum required to write something even half literate on such a regular basis. This cant be compared to the waffle, wittering and ramblings on a  Motorbike website you can just wander into and utter inanities on someone elses thread and then disappear.

This, if it’s worth doing at all needs more.  More structure, continuity, sense and …. oh, i dunno – call it doing it justice or something along those lines.

You dont do a Once In A Lifetime Trip and come home and when asked about it reply “yeah, it was o.k.” and leave it at that!

Having read the above – i’m not sure whether i’ve written it for your benefit or mine. However – there it is and now i hope that it is enough to get me bump started to continue.

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  1. carsQhere permalink

    Part of my day job involves documenting e-mail systems, web interfaces, databases and the like after I’ve deployed them. What I normally do is write a draft page or two, then go away and come back a day or more later and overhaul it. That way, ye olde brain has a chance to chew over the draft content in it’s sub concious workshop, and the end result is usually an improvement. No idea if that would work in blog land, but the mechanics of it all are not that dissimilar. Good to see the jump leads are out though 😉

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