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As the trip progresses, I’ll try to get some pictures up here. There’s no way to know whether this will be possible once we’re into North West Africa, so we’ll just have to roll with it and see how it goes.

OK, here are a few images thanks to some of the guys from UKGSer who I’ll be travelling with. My gapper was sourced in the UK (since that eliminates the cost of getting it from Ireland to the UK in the first place) and because it’ll be ridden on UK roads, it needs an MoT. The UKGSer crew have all mucked in and after the bike was overhauled, it got a fresh MoT. It’s now ready and waiting. You can see some of the other “Gambia on a Gapper” bikes we’ll be taking in the last photo. As above, click on an image to enlarge it & you can scroll the photos left or right, then click on any large image again to return to the page.

Images from UKGSer (Thanks Guys!)

Departure day…

We all rolled into Portsmouth for the ferry to Santander. These photos were taken by Toad of UKGSer, and they can be seen in context on the UKGSer forum here (subscription required). Reproduced here with permission for your perusal!

Images from UKGSer (Thanks Toad)