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by Marc on February 27, 2011

I am here – on my way.
wtf is here?
The first leg of a staggering centipede.
Right now, its Belfast int. airport. waiting for the plane.
Hands are shaking. why? i dunno! nerves / anticipation / last nights mixed fruit cider?

From the run from Dublin to Jays place on the East coast near Belfast I have been wrapped and cosseted in good karma. The send off from the IBFers (Irish Bikers Forum) to Jays welcome. My feet aint touched the ground. sheesh! if you could use this as fuel – the world would have no energy problems.
I half jokingly call Jay my spiritual advisor. Only half a joke as for a big smiley gentle man known for his mechanical genius, he shows many underlying skills at people reading.

He put us at ease. he gave us his home to relax and unwind in. He led me by the nose to a place of calm in my head. I didn’t even notice until i was there! (note to self – fine, but dont play poker with him, for there will be no ‘tells’.) Net result i could not be better prepped and set up for this trip which is now finally a reality.

But before all of that – Gods bless Linda. Why? many many reasons far too personal and far too many and far to deep to go into – just because is all i’m saying for now.

Moving swiftly on (before i start sounding like yer man Pirsig out of ‘Zzzen and the art of motorcycle…’).
I warn you now that my normal (normal?! well, for me at least normal) pedantic precision with grammar and typing is of low priority. I could do it, but i’d lose the flow of myself and that’s about the best quality I can bring to this blog – my feelings and viewpoint as seen through the eyes of a bumbling naïve do-gooder traipsing through the backyards of Europe and Africa. Maybe my editor (*Marc flutters his eyebrows*) will deal with it – maybe he wont. [Editing will be kept to an absolute minimum! – Ed.]

Earl – my talisman chicken. He ended up in the hold luggage. Aww, I hear you say. but Linda, in a Doctor Who with a Tardis style managed to fit all of my neuroses , I mean luggage essentials into a mere two bags with Earl front and centre in one of them. Yes the bag makes the strangest squawking sound if leant on – but Earl did not meet airport security and anyhow, I had enough trouble explaining the medical gel packs, the injection gear and… a full moto-X armoured jacket. Lindas good but ffs! miracles no, so i had to wear it through the airport.

Just a sec – asus netpad – great yoke – but it’s like typing on a calculator and looking at the result through a letterbox. My fingers are already knotted and fcicking up my spelling.

Oh – it is nigh on 14.15hours. boarding is alleged to be imminent – I shall quit for now and try to get this online later. i’ve done quite well considering the battery was flat on this thing, the 3 pin plug had become a 2 pin as somehow the earth one broke off in transit and yet i managed to use the wall socket beside the sign that read seating for patrons only” in the restaurant. Ahem!

Signing off,
your roving rambling, blithering reporter
Og of the Gapper

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