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Help or Donate

Here is where I am hoping you can help.

I have bought my Honda C90 – it is prepped and waiting for me in the U.K.
I have funded my own way – Fuel, Bike gear (helmet, gloves, boots, armoured jacket etc.)
I leave everything including the ‘Bike at the hospital plus any money left over after the trip there.
I have had my inoculations – my Doctor paid for some of that.
My Pharmacist paid for my medical fridge (I’m on meds myself that need to be kept cool).
I have my camping gear bought.
I have my air fare home saved.

Would you consider helping me with the most basic of needs? That is, I’m sorry to say, Money.

Hang on…. Why should you?

This trip vividly shows how much can be done with very little.
It gives a ‘leg up’ not a ‘hand out’ to a community.
After spending a few days working at the hospital I hope to return with more practical ideas for equipment and training needs for the next trip.
The long view – to make us Europeans and our charities redundant & the Africans self sufficient.

The simplest way to help is to donate a few Euro.

Your donation will help in one of two ways;

First, it’ll help to get me & the Honda to Bansang Hospital and;
Second, any surplus funds thereafter go directly to the Hospital.

(If possible, mark your donation as “a gift” – less commision)

Write your comment within 199 characters.

Donations can also be sent by post to MAG Ireland.

M.A.G. Ireland (The Irish Motorcycle Action Group)
c/o 94 Merrion Square West
Dublin 2

Please mark your donation with “Gambia on a Gapper”.

Substantial donations will be acknowledged by stickers on the much photographed Bike.
Also they will be credited, thanked and highlighted in the professional DVD that is being made of the trip.

The DVD will be available some time after the trip and every single cent from it will go direct to the registered charity; The Bansang Hospital Appeal

The wish list:

I am also in need of a few basic items for travel, so if you have any of the following – I’d be most grateful – i’ll amend this list as time goes by.

  • A large pair of overmitts (for going over Spains mountains and crossing the Atlas Mountains)
  • 32″ waist by 32″ leg Bike waterproof trousers with hip and knee armour.
  • Lightweight armoured jeans – the same size for the rest of the trip.
  • Car type charger for Nokia phones.
  • Medical mini fridge that will run on 12volts (slim chance – but i ask as i am on injectable meds myself, that must be kept cool – maybe you know someone in the trade?).

Practically everything I bring, from tent, sleeping bag, mosquito net, Bike jacket, helmet, boots, fridge – even my mobile phone – will be given to the hospital as they have little access to such luxury items and the costs there are horrendous in relation to income.

That’s it…. for now.
I’ll keep you posted on this site.
Thank you again for any help you can give in any way.
Marc O’Loideoin, February 2011

List of Donors

I would like to thank the following people who’ve kindly donated, as well as those of you who have done so anonymously. It couldn’t happen without you.