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with apologies….

by Marc on July 8, 2011

o.k. i blew it. yeah – i know. i should have added another post soon…er.

most remiss of me, i can only apologise.

Excuses to follow….

~ Real Life© has got in the way. my job for one, MAG work for another and health for yet another.

not looking for sympathy (as if i’d get it!) but to put youz (both of my readers LOL) out of my misery, here’s the thing;

I had a ‘procedure’ a couple of weeks ago on my back. it didn’t work. am in more pain now than before. (Buggrit!). the medics now say i have to go for another procedure. different hospital again (soon i will be able to write a review on every effin hospital in Dublin!)

So, between, work, other work, pain and codeine clouding my thinking – i’ve managed to get sweet f.a. done lately.

thats it.

over and out for now. will do more soon. no – really – i will. watch this space. 🙂

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