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Tiz N Tez to camping up a mountain

by Marc on June 8, 2011

It’s thursday 10th March. it’s 6.15p.m. We’ve done about 240 miles today and we’ve stopped near the top of a mountain to camp at a parking / viewing point (2400feet up?) up a mountain. Somewhere near the town of Tafraout on the road to Agadir.

I feel a little spaced out. That ride today was incredible. In a short space of time we went up to over 2000metres. We’ve already begun the descent, but a long long way to go yet. I feel for Callum – he is still suffering badly from the cold and wet. He’s not over it yet. I cant get over how Dennis was less than sympathetic and when Callums condition was pointed out he just said something to the effect that we were all adults and were fit to take care of ourselves. This was not reassuring, given how much faith and trust we had to put in Dennis. Our lives in his hands? ….. hmm. More like I’m alright Jack / every man for himself.
A point remembered for the rest of the trip. An attitude noted by all and forgotten by none.

Back to earth with a bump. I’m writing my notes in my tent. I hear Dennis and Ian exchanging views on the ‘WhereTheF*ckAreWe’ element of the trip. Both have Satnavs. Two different Satnavs that, like their users work by different principles and dont always agree! Apparently we should be further on than we are and thus further Southwest..ish. No point trying to be pinpoint accurate, given the scale of our journey. Just we should be more Southwest..ish.
You cant help but laugh. As troubles go – we could have far worse to worry about.
So, settling down and warming up in my little tent, I look at my best purchase of the trip so far. A lovely little silver box I haggled to get off a street hawker somewhere on the way up to the Tiz N Tez at a fuel stop. I am SO pleased with myself – this cost me no money, just a pair of shades and two day glo vests. Both the Silver hawker and myself probably thinking the other was a fool to accept so little for the trade.
The days nearly at an end. Our only real incident was MicroJim coming off at one point on a bend. A Transit van heading the other way clipped him and he was punted off into the verge, Luckily. I say luckily as the alternative was over the cliff edge! No major damage to him or his Gapper – a broken mirror and a little bent out of shape, though whether that describes him or the Bike I wont answer.
Evening and darkness comes. We’re all tired – like kids after a day at the funfair, or maybe that’s just me.
Now, it feels like an adventure – in a too small tent, halfway up a mountain, wind now howling and rain falling. The view from my ‘door’ is of mist and dusky failing light over hills. Sleep wont come, I’m still fired up on adrenaline. But I’m grinning, I’m happy.
Night night folks.

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