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Friday night camp at Chefchaouen / Saturday 5th morning

by Marc on April 14, 2011

After all that. My first night under canvas went well. Admittedly i partook of some small alcoholic beverages before retiring, but just a tipple. Oh – the most important lesson of  ‘tame camping’ as opposed to ‘wild camping’ is to know the location of the toilet block and plan a route that can be done in the dark. Quietly. Without falling over stuff – tents for example.

In the morning I took a better look at where we were and our neighbours. We were the only ones actually doing the  camping thing. The other residents were French and Germans in Camper vans of varying sorts. All looked very serious and professional. One lot even had a store of firewood IN their ‘van! This van looked like a support truck off the Paris Dakar Rally and capable of crossing the desert – road or no. Mind you, some of these travellers did worry me a bit. One couple in particular looked like they’d left Europe in the 70’s and hadn’t returned since – sun darkened skin like leather and a thousand yard stare, though polite, they were very distant. I can see now since returning that you could easily slip into the lifestyle over there. It doesn’t take a lot of money and is way easier than our rat race here. But, no – I dont think it’s for me. That ‘spaced out’ look in their eyes worried me. But then I could be way off the mark – maybe they just spent a little too much on the ‘local produce’ found in The Rif Mountains….

Mileage: 80

Here’s a short vid of the view as we left the campsite and headed to Moulay Idriss, and later – ‘The Blue Rocks’.

For now (*sigh*) it’s a link… until i work out to do the vid thing.

Editor interrupts!: embed link… just checking functionality 😉


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