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The Chook of Earl has arrived!

by Marc on February 23, 2011

Today i picked up Earl. My Chicken mascot. He was kindly donated by a pet shop – ‘Mutt Ugly’. I knew as soon as we met, he was the one for me. A stately figure that, i hope will open doors and smooth my passage (stop that – i don’t mean THAT passage!) – my passage across borders and into the hearts and minds of the locals…

Yep –¬† i’m thinking of Airport security here. C’mon -think about it, there’s two ways to go; serious and hope for understanding or lunatic and hope that i’m passed on to become someone elses problem. (Where’s the wicked grin smiley when you need it?)¬† So, he took his first trip on a Bike today, back from the pet shop.

Chook Of Earl

not impressed is The Chook

I don’t think he was impressed – he did give a wail of concern as i stuffed him unceremoniously behind the screen on my GS.

I had a lot to do today – he’ll just have to get used to it. i will try to find him a helmet but that’s about it as far as ATGATT (All The Gear, All The Time) goes. All being well, he will be present in photo shoots, will give his opinion¬† – but only a poultry contribution.

Chook at rest

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